A Dog’s Health Essentials With Your Vet

This is one thing we take for granted at times since we always have a veterinarian or a pet care doc at our disposal at all times. However, it is always necessary to have a list of few things handy for our dog. Just like the first aid kit we have for ourselves, it is imperative to have one for the dog too. We often don’t realize that our pups can also go through some unfortunate times regarding health even when we’ve taken care of them 24/7. This can surely be hard on the owner as well, but just to keep away from all the further escalations, it is better having a first aid kit ready that can prevent your dog from serious problems.

We have made a list of few items that we think are necessary. Make sure you tally all this with what you already have so that you can all the other stuff in time.

  • Dog first aid guide

It’s always handy when you have something written down in emergency cases because as per experience, it gets really difficult to remember all the stuff when the situation is right on top of you. Writing a step-step guide for an emergency situation is a must and can save you a lot of time and panic as well. Even though you have the option of going to a pet care clinic, but it still it is always better to have precautionary measures. You never even know how much time the pet hospitals take before your dog gets treated, so why not have it all written with you before time.

This guide should also have all the emergency contacts of your local veterinarian or of all the pet clinics around you.

  • Tweezers

Don’t go for its size. Little things are infinitely the most important. One might even laugh it off but for dogs, tweezers can be a real life saver. Tweezers can come in handy when your dog has a tick in his body. For many, hands are more preferable, but to be on the safer side, tweezers are easier for getting the ticks out of the body. Moreover, nobody wants to get their hands on a tick. Its just a little disgusting.

  • Antiseptics

This is another important thing you should have in your kit. You can take suggestions for a good antiseptic from your veterinarian as they would know which would suit your dog

  • Bandages

Dogs often get injuries and are also prone to various kinds of it. So do some research and buy different types of bandages that can be used in different times for various purposes.

  • Thermometer

The first thing to check when your dog starts acting unusual is the temperature. You don’t really need to buy any specific thermometer for dogs; it can be a human one as well, the only thing to keep in mind is that it’s the rectal one. This is the only way dogs can get there temperature taken.

This was just a list of one of the few essentials you might want to have at your home before making your move to the animal care hospital. For more details, don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian, Dr Stephanie Murphree, about all the stuff you should keep with yourself at emergency times. Contact Republic Veterinary Hospital at (512) 269-0738.