5 Benefits of Getting Pet Immunizations with a Veterinarian in Kyle TX

There are over 36% Americans that own a dog. Considering there are so many, there are many pet lives that can be saved by getting them vaccinated. According to research conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association, pet immunizations save millions of lives each year and make immunity to many diseases and illnesses last for a long time.

This means that you should get your pet vaccinated and there are no reasons why you should not. However, if you still need a little push, here are 5 benefits of getting pet immunizations that will convince you. If you are ready now, contact Republic Veterinary Hospital at (512) 269-0738.

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1.      Prevention from Illness and Diseases with a veterinarian

The most obvious and valid reason for getting your pet vaccinated is prevention from diseases and illness. It is recommended that you get your pet started with vaccinations at a young age because that is when they are more prone to getting sick as their immune systems have not fully developed. Vaccinations create a cycle in your pet’s body to build immunity over a period. In order to let them work properly, it is important that you complete the whole course.

2.      It is Law

You are required by law to get your pets vaccinated. The law applies to all states and there are no exceptions. Dogs and cats are pets that venture outside or invite unwanted visitors as well. This makes it easy to catch diseases. If you are planning to travel with your pet, you are required to provide proof of vaccination and medical records so that the risk of transmitting disease by travel can be eliminated.

3.      Keeps Your Pet Safe

Like mentioned above, dogs and cats are social animals. They engage with other pets and humans as well. If you leave them unvaccinated, you are putting other people’s pets at risk of catching a disease as well as putting people at risk of getting sick too. Can you live with the guilt of causing a little girl to get sick because she stopped to pet your dog and your dog didn’t receive pet immunization?

4.      Financially Smart

If you have a pet you have an idea how expensive keeping a pet can be. Considering you have to get specific food as you can’t just feed them what you eat, get toys, treats, pay for grooming and visits to a Kyle vet etc. And if on top of that your pet was to fall sick because they were not vaccinated, its going to cost a lot more. And since it is required by law to have your pets vaccinated, you can get fined as well.

5.      Keeps You Safe

If it wasn’t obvious before, pet immunizations keep you safe as well. There are many diseases, germs and illnesses that can be transferred through your pets to you and your family. These include serious illnesses like Leptospirosis and Rabies. So if you have pets, it’s your moral and legal obligation to have them vaccinated. They deserve your utmost care and attention.

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